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Multi – 600

  Low noise, low vibration excellent durability. Ceramic ball bearing, ergonomic design. Knee control style with mounting bracket. Dual control system both brushless and carbon brush motor. Flagship model of micro motor, high power and performance. Ideal for high end jewellery manufacturing. Especially for inlaid diamond setting. Highly recommended for dental laboratories, the motor designed to deal with ceramics, acrylic wax and any hard metals. The tool for any industries for metal crafting.

DRM C130

The new DRM 130 is very popular due to its good size, versatility and high specification. It incorporates a totally new casting giving maximum strength and rigidity with the highest quality hardened and ground rolls. High efficient 5-4 gearbox. Wide flat area, one piece cast iron construction for maximum strength. Maintenance free bearings. Large easy to read calibrated discs. Can also be supplied without reduction gearbox.  

Double Durston W130 / F130

Durston’s new power mills. All 5 of the new bench top power mills have cast iron bases, cast iron gearbox with powerful motors and of course the standard one piece cast iron mill frame incorporating our high quality steel rolls which run in heavy duty roller bearings. All include the new safety features of the emergency stop button, safety bars at front and rear and guards covering the extension rollers at the end of the mills. Easy to use control featuring forward and reverse. Also, a further 2 buttons to easily increase or decrease roll speed. Double Durston W130 / F130

Eitan rhodium pen

  This Plating Pen device is ideal for  very small pieces of jewellery. Perfect for very narrow places, nice and smooth finishing. Powerful unit, can plate rhodium or the range of colors. Comes with a one pen, optional connection for second pen. Small plastic container, 5 tips and a tweezer.