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Graver Mach

GraverMax is an easy-to-use system that helps you engrave, set stones, carve, make jewelry, sculpt and decorate metal, wood, glass, leather, ivory and other materials. GraverMax has two types of power: controlled impact power and ultra high-speed rotary power. Expand your creativity with two types of power. A pneumatic handpiece system giving the user  much versatility and control. Hand and foot control. Using one simple knob, the user can choose between hand or foot control, whenever desired. This allows optimal working comfort and precision in a wider range of creative jobs. Many of the examples you see in this catalog were made using GraverMax. The results are clearly stunning. With GraverMax, you can do it, too.

Laser Welder EVO



Ideal for jewellery sector , dental laboratories , optics , and more. Laser welder type Evo Orotig. One of the most powerful laser welding machine for the size. Compact and easy to use on desk area. High performance and reliablity. Low maintenance. Top quality microscope. Optional feature. Display available.

Silent Air Compressor

Manually soundless so you can work with it right under your table. You'll never know it's there. Portable and easy to fit. Diamond setter instrument, perfect for sand blasting and any device that requires an air compressor. Sill-air compressor is virtually silent because it has the same type of enclosed, oil-recalculation compressor as refrigerator. No vibrations. It's perfect for apartments mall stores or anywhere air compressor noise is undesirable. Lowe maintenance reliable unit, can be ordered in different size capacity.

Super dust collector

Super dust collector. Dual filtration, Variable speed control, Easy filter access. Keep your bench area clean when grinding and polishing. High power extraction. Lowe noise. Extremely heavy duty for all day use. Perfect for jewellery workshop, save you waistage and healthy enviroment. As for the dental sector it is a must! to ensure unnecessary material collected and extracted. Very useful for the sandblaster unit, comes with an additional adaptor for the ES-2.  

Wax injectors

Wax injectors, maximum stability. Compact device no need to connect to mains. Electronic temperature control. Extremly safe and reliable. Long Long operating autonomy. Very fast, powerful heater. Easy operation, manual pump. Comes with a set of nozzles, two size: 1.5L, 2.5L. Perfect for any size jewellery workshop.  

Lights for microscope Eitan Industries‏

Led light for microscope. Very powerful with easy fitting and regulator for light intensity.