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Dialux Polishin Compounds

Dialux is mad from select grades of abrasive, uniformly blended, and manufactured under the strictest quality controls Dialux compounds adhere exceptionally well to buffs, and felts, so very little is needed. Burs are individually packaged in cardboard boxes for cleaner handling Each bar measures 10L X 2,3W X 2,7H
Compound Description and application Approx. Weight
Dialux Blue All-purpouse compound for all types of metal 120gr.
Dialux Yellow For bright high polish of soft metal such as brass, bronze, and copper 120gr.
Dialux White For bright polishing of silver 120gr.
Dialux Grey Rercommended for fine polishing of stainless steel 120gr.
Dialux Red The brightest shine of yellow gold. Also produces a brilliant shine on silver 120gr.
Dialux Green Recommended of bright polishing of hard alloys such as platimum, white gold, chrome, chrome cobalt and stainless steel 120gr.

Dialux Polishin Compounds eitanindustries
Door to door service